VFXRio Live - June 26 and 27

The sixth edition of the VFXRio program will be held online and free on June 26 and 27 at www.vfxrio.com.br The 2-day program includes lectures and meetings with supervisors, directors, artists and designers who participate in the creation of visual effects, cutting-edge technology and immersive media.


Date: 15:30 (Brasília time) Saturday, June 27

Roger Guyett, second unit director and visual effects supervisor at Industrial Light and Magic will unveil his experience as VFX Star Wars Supervisor. Mediated by Lucia Modesto

VFXRio Live : DIVINO: Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel in VR
Date: 8:00 pm (Brasilia time) Friday, June 26

Learn how a small team recreated Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel ceiling for individual brushstrokes at the Unreal Engine, a project of passion over a decade.

VFXRio Live : Kurt Przybilla presents
Earthians' Critical Moment - Buckminster Fuller's ideas today.
Date: 15:30 (Brasilia time) Friday, June 26

Buckminster Fuller, one of the most visionary thinkers and inventors of the 20th century, advocated a “design science revolution” to meet the many critical challenges humanity now faces. This talk will explore Fuller's “comprehensive anticipatory" approach to design and how to make the world work for everyone.

VFXRio Live : Uno de Oliveira presents
VFX in the resumption of post-pandemic recordings
Date: 18:30 (Brasilia time) Friday, June 26

In this lecture Uno will address how the Visual Effects team is preparing for the resumption of activities and how the growing use of VFX enables projects with the limitation of the circulation of people in the period of social isolation. Besides the Globo cases, it will show personal projects that help to fight the production gap in times of pandemic.

VFXRio Live : Pablo Bioni presents Emerging Technologies for content production
Date: 17:00 (Brasilia time) Friday, June 26
VFXRio Live : Digital Processes and Innovation Panel with the participation of Pablo Bioni and Uno de Oliveira. Mediator: Matteo Moriconi
Date: 2:00pm (Brasília time) - Digital Processes and Innovation Friday, June 26th
VFXRio Live : The New Normal
Date: 11:00 (Brasilia time) Friday, June 26

New Normal panel, which will bring a reflection on what the Covid19 is imposing on the routine and method of work, with regard to remote collaboration, creation and education. Also participating in this panel will be Gabriel Pinto, author and researcher in Creativity, Future of Work and Innovation, and Luiz Velho, director of Visgraf Lab IMPA. Each participant will have ten minutes of presentation, followed by 20 minutes of chat with questions from the audience.


VFXRio Live : Science, Art and Resistance
Date: 14:00 (Brasília time) Saturday, 27th June

The panel will address Virtual Reality, Interactive Scenarios, Culture and Dance. Among the guests, Gilles Jobin, dancer, choreographer and director, who unites dance and virtual reality in her world-renowned presentations, Bruna Berford, animation supervisor at Penrose Studios, and director, choreographer and dancer Andrea Jabor.

VFXRio Live : Carlos Oliveira presents
Live Code Simulation - Cauã - Code, image, sound and synesthesia
Date: 17:00 (Brasilia time) Saturday, June 27

Carlos Oliveira will present an audiovisual performance. In Live Coding - Cauã - Code, image, sound and synesthesia, the source code is manipulated live to build sound environments. In parallel, differential equations build a complex visual web, which reacts to sound environments.