VFXRio Live
December 4th and 5th 2020

The sixth edition of VFXRio will be held online and free on December 4 and 5 at www.vfxrio.com.br The 2-day program includes lectures and meetings with supervisors, directors, artists and designers who participate in the creation of visual effects, cutting-edge technology and immersive media.

VFXRio Live : Designing the future to transform the present
Date: 11:00 (Brasília time) Friday, December 4
VFXRio Live : Monument Valley Creative Process - Interactive Narratives
Date: 2:00 pm (Brasília time) Friday, December 4
David Fernandez will approach the creative process of making the acclaimed 'Monument Valley' and its sequence, taking the learnings of the first game and expanding them in unexpected directions. Monument Valley was the winner of the Apple Design Award elected one of the best games for Ipad and iphones.
VFXRio Live : Fields of Light, Stages of Light, and the Future of Virtual Productions.
Date: 15:30 (Brasília time) Friday, December 4
In this lecture Paul Debevec addresses the latest work done at Google and the USC Institute for Creative Technologies to unite the real and virtual worlds through photography, lighting and machine learning.
VFXRio Live : Baobab Sudios
Date: 17:00 (Brasília time) Friday, December 4
VFXRio Live : Welcome to Siggraph 2021
Date: 18:30 (Brasília time) Friday, December 4
VFXRio Live : WORKSHOP - Nuke Studio: An Introduction to the VFX Edition
Are you planning to make a short film? Getting ready to supervise a project? Need to review and update multiple VFX shots? Are you an editor working with VFX plates? Join Director and VFX Supervisor Hugo Guerra for a workshop where we go into the world of editing, conforms, EDL, XML, colour spaces, editorial reviews, versioning, grading, nuke integration, pipeline creation, folder structures and delivering to clients. Hugo will share many relevant insights and tricks learned by building a VFX editorial and conforming pipeline at The Mill London. This workshop is suitable to any editor, compositor, supervisor, CG artist or animator.
Date: 19:30 (Brasília time) Friday, December 4
VFXRio Live : The Line
Date: 11:00 (Brasília time) Saturday, December 5
Ricardo Laganaro and Rodrigo Terra will explain in detail the process of artistic and technical conception, production and launch of "The Line", an award-winning project at the Venice Festival in 2019 and winner of Primetime Emmy®️ for Innovation 2020. How the ARVORE Immersive Experiences framework works in an unconventional way, embracing the uncertainties of project development in a new media in an industry being built in an emerging market.
VFXRio Live : Machine Learning is Disrupting the entire VFX Pipeline - A case study on facial motion capture.
Date: 14:00 (Brasília time) Saturday, December 5
VFXRio Live : Everett Burrel presents what it takes to bring visual effects and storytelling to life in "Umbrella Academy - Season 02"
Date: 15:30 (Brasília time) Saturday, December 5
VFXRio Live - New Normal Panel: A frank and direct conversation with main players from XR Global about the challenges of this content production industry that is shaping itself after an exponentially growing market. How has the pandemic affected the sector? What is the opportunity for Brazilian professionals and studios to position themselves in the process of building intellectual property and new services to export to the world?
Date: 17:00 (Brasília time) Saturday, December 5
VFXRio Live: Firechat side with Philip Rosedale
Date: 18:30 (Brasilia time) Saturday, December 5