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METAVERSE: A powerful new tool for scientific research
Cover Article published in Ciência Hoje Magazine (June 2023) by
Matteo Moriconi (VFXRio) - Luiz Velho (Visgraf - IMPA) - Jorge Lopes (PUC-RJ)
Heron Werner (DASA Group) - Sergio Alex Kugland de Azevedo (UFRJ - LAPID)

When we hear the word metaverse, another word immediately springs to mind: entertainment. But this dynamic and fluid concept - popularized since the 1990s, initially representing just a shared virtual space - is much more than just fun. Today, it encompasses all interactive virtual worlds and continues to evolve, embracing new advanced digital technologies. In recent years, it has become not only a powerful tool for various areas of research, but also an innovative method of education and training qualified human resources.
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